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Guest Posting | Influence Express

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of producing excellent content, and then offering this content to popular and highly authoritative blogs within your site’s niche. Providing the content being contributed is engaging, high quality, and adds real value for the blogs audience – as all of our content does – then they will publish your content on their blog.

We have are continually building up our database of sites as well as reviewing our database to ensure all metrics on the sites are up to date. We also review the database to ensure that the sites we are using are still quality sites and are providing value to your sites. Guest blogging in this manner allows you to build high quality links, targeted referral traffic, as well as increasing your brand awareness, social engagement (on Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc) and your sites authority within its niche.

Get links from REAL sites with REAL traffic!

Our in-house Project Manager goes through each site to ensure that they are quality sites. When we find sites to guest post on, they go through a pre-check list before they are added to their sites. First our PM looks at the site to ensure its a real site, then they take a look at the traffic and the metrics of the site through Majestic.com and Ahrefs.com. Once they deem it a quality site, then they add it to our list of sites.

Contextual DoFollow Links

The links we create are quality do follow links that are in the body of the articles.

Quality Content

The content we create is relevant and of high quality. 

Niche Relevant Links

The links we create are moderately relevant to your site.

White Hat Links

The guest posts we create are 100% SEO friendly links and Google loves them!

Long Term Links

The guest post links that we get will stay for a long period of time and will have a long term gain for your site.

Rank Increase

The links we create help to improve your sites metrics which in turn help to improve your rankings.


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold


1 Link Package

  • ​Real Traffic
  • DA35+
  • TF 25+
  • Niche Specific


5 Link Package

  • ​Real Traffic
  • DA35+
  • TF 25+
  • Niche Specific


10 link Package

  • ​Real Traffic
  • DA 35+
  • TF 25+
  • Niche Specific


  • DIYHealth.com
  • PropertyWide.co.uk
  • RealMomma.com
  • StacyKnows.com
  • TheFashionableHouseWife.com

Will all the blogs that you post on be in my niche?

What benefits should I expect to see from guest posting?

Will any of my guest posts be put on a spammy site?

Can I pre-approve the content before it gets posted?

Where are the links placed in the guest post?

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