About Us

We created Influence Express because we had bought a link building service in the past and the quality that we got was not good. We ended up actually buying the company because we knew it had potential but needed more quality behind it in terms of process, customer service and sites.

Our link building services are a great way to help promote your business or site online! We are constantly outreaching to new sites and increasing our database of guest posting opportunities. We continually check the health of all guest posting sites in our database to ensure that all links that you receive are quality links. We will only get links from sites that we would like a link from ourselves. Furthermore, any article we have written is done by a native English speaker (US, UK, CA), this ensures the article is high quality.​

Kelley Jones

Business Manager

Kelley effectively manages all clients and orders. She is always their to help wether it be a quick question or a more detailed explanation. She is the go to person for anything the clients need. Not only does Kelley work with clients sites, but she also has her own so she understands how important QUALITY links are.

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